Strawberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies


To say that this country is all about the soccer world cup final match tomorrow, might be the most accurate sentence I’ve written so far since I started blogging. The understatement of 2014. Weather and politics have taken such a back seat lately, they don’t know where to stand. And we don’t care, that’s how much of an impact this sudden soccer match has on us. Football, as called everywhere but in the US, rules. No other sport can barely stand up to it, the passion and time devoted to it makes the superbowl pale in comparison. And the World Cup... well, it's like taking the superbowl worldwide, you get the idea. 

Easy Baked Macaroni and Three Cheeses


Well hellooooooo…    yes, it’s been that long, I know. How have you been, my friends? I’ve missed you like crazy, and you should’ve listened to my inner talk about this one being the week when I would resume my blogging; every single week since the third one of February when I posted the cheesecake brownies.  A minor detail the fact that I was hardly baking and/or cooking. Minor.
So let’s wing it and go straight to this easy recipe for baked mac and cheese.

Cheesecake Brownies


Cheesecake Brownies

I could’ve easily added fudge to the title. Cheesecake + brownies + fudge …
It might seem too much, but after all, I owe you at least a couple posts in the last months. Such a slow blogging summer for me. But so many great changes elsewhere.
Life changes and so does blogging, right?

Extra Cheesy Savory Ham Muffins - #SecretRecipeClub


I put so much ham and cheese into these muffins, intentionally of course, that they ended up being my lunch. There’s egg in there too, so can I say it’s a complete meal? As complete as a slice of pizza is. Ha. 
Well, then, let’s say they make a great addition to a brunch table. Can't argue with that.

It’s time for the monthly Secret Recipe Club post, where we get to make a recipe from our secretly assigned blog. Tweak it a bit or do it exactly as in the original post, there was a lot of thinking about what to make today, since I got Ros’ The More Than Occasional Baker, which is a baking blog, and baker is my middle name.

Coconut Cupcakes with Passion Fruit Curd


Let’s bring a little sunshine to our lives, shall we? Coconut, lemon and passion fruit curd will do that. It's the yellow color I guess, it simply screams joy.
While many of you are cuddled under a blanket, here we can be found in one of three places: inside a pool, under the a/c or melting in the street. So hot, my oven hasn’t been used in weeks. Unbelievable. And I call myself a baker with a food blog. Ha.

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