Cheesecake Brownies


Cheesecake Brownies

I could’ve easily added fudge to the title. Cheesecake + brownies + fudge …
It might seem too much, but after all, I owe you at least a couple posts in the last months. Such a slow blogging summer for me. But so many great changes elsewhere.
Life changes and so does blogging, right?

Extra Cheesy Savory Ham Muffins - #SecretRecipeClub


I put so much ham and cheese into these muffins, intentionally of course, that they ended up being my lunch. There’s egg in there too, so can I say it’s a complete meal? As complete as a slice of pizza is. Ha. 
Well, then, let’s say they make a great addition to a brunch table. Can't argue with that.

It’s time for the monthly Secret Recipe Club post, where we get to make a recipe from our secretly assigned blog. Tweak it a bit or do it exactly as in the original post, there was a lot of thinking about what to make today, since I got Ros’ The More Than Occasional Baker, which is a baking blog, and baker is my middle name.

Coconut Cupcakes with Passion Fruit Curd


Let’s bring a little sunshine to our lives, shall we? Coconut, lemon and passion fruit curd will do that. It's the yellow color I guess, it simply screams joy.
While many of you are cuddled under a blanket, here we can be found in one of three places: inside a pool, under the a/c or melting in the street. So hot, my oven hasn’t been used in weeks. Unbelievable. And I call myself a baker with a food blog. Ha.

Creamy Blue Cheese Mushroom Red Wine Steak + Best Recipes of 2013


I have so much to share with you, I don’t even know how to start this post.

I can tell you first, that I moved, finally, and am so happy about that. Even though it happened in the middle of what I can only call the hottest weeks in the last decades of my life – it’s all in the eye of the beholder people, and the 98º days weeks, were unbearable while trying to unpack and work – and the fact that I moved to a smaller place, I feel very rejuvenated and ready for a great year.

Crunchy Almond Holiday Bread #TwelveLoaves


Crunchy Almond Holiday Bread

So after last week’s news about selling my house, I’m in the middle of moving out, while working a lot and putting my best face while enduring 35ºC (94ºF) with a million percent humidity like today.
But, as you all know, we food bloggers are a rare breed, and can make a crunchy almond holiday bread in the middle of all that chaos. It’s for the blog after all! It must be done! 
Considering it’s almost Christmas – yes it is, whether you’re ready or not – and I wouldn’t dream of missing the last post of Twelve Loaves this year, the bread baking group founded by Lora and run with the invaluable help of Renee, I present you with a bread with a hefty dose of almonds - ground, sliced and extract - just perfect for a quiet moment nursing your cup of whatever liquid suits your mood. 

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