Bonus Rugelach

A few words before I continue with my regular programming. I started my blog less than a month ago and never thought that joining TWD would make me feel so welcomed. Not only to the group but also to the food blogging world. We´re not big on that kind of stuff in this part of the globe (there, way south, to your left, a few steps away from falling into the south pole and joining the penguins) but I decided to do it anyway and use it as an excuse for endless baking.

So, as a thank you gift,  more an idea really, since I won´t be able to actually ship them, like a proper gift should be, I´m using the rest of the dough to make two different kinds of rugelach: nutella with added hazelnuts, suggested by many and already made by some, and then a filling of dulce de leche, chocolate chips and walnuts; what else, right?

For now, you´ll have to settle for the pictures and my word that they turned out really, really good. Both fillings were perfect guests during their overnight stay in the fridge; no syrupy mess at all. But in the oven the went separate ways. Really, same parents, same education and they turn out completely different. Dulce de leche when extra caramelized (as it definitely happens in this recipe) is worth every mess. Those dark, crispy bits are the best part.

I ended up using the original cinnamon, nutty sugar for coating the rugelach because I still had such a huge amount left. And I still do!

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  1. Yum! My husband lived in Argentina for a few years and I'm sure he would've LOVED your dulce de leche rugelach!!

  2. Dulce de leche is an inspired choice. Yum.

  3. Dulce de leche. Yum. And Yum. Great idea!
    Your cookies look like they came out beautifully.

  4. The dulce de leche, chocolate chips and walnuts sound delicious!! I still have some of the nut-cinnamon sugar coating left today - although I've been sprinkling some onto the soda bread, which with a cup of tea in the afternoon is delicious:) Your spirals look beautiful!

  5. Dulce de leche anything is always a good idea. Both versions sound good. We had leftover coating, too, but decided to freeze it and use it as a crumble topping for a pie this summer.


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