Brownies with Nutella or Dulce de Leche


We’re having a mild winter here, but with the days getting shorter the kitchen is the place to be. I know many will cringe reading about warm ovens and hot soups, but, hey, we´re glad the sweltering summer is over, at least for a few months.
The cold months always give way to nesting and deep thinking. How natural to bury myself in the kitchen and pretend that´s my only thing to do all day. Bake whatever I want. For as many hours as I want.

I had been deep in work related issues, which I refuse to call problems. Sometimes others attitudes make me mad, the way they manage their part of the deal. And how easy it is to just go on about all their supposed mistakes and character flaws. The thing is, they can be whatever they want to be, I have to be smarter and pull myself away from it and head for greener fields, find different approaches, different thoughts. On my part I mean. Learn how to separate the wheat from the hay and include only what works in my life. Allow whatever doesn´t work to stay just long enough to be sorted in my brain, and then move on.
So I made brownies. I don´t see how these fit into the story I know, but baking always gives me a sense of direction. And they are worth their weight in gold or whatever thing is worth a ton now (not fb shares please). As comforting as cake or bread. But so easy it´s really a perfect effort-result idea. They´re a great snack or dessert for a barbecue or beach day, so they work for everyone.

They are originally made with dulce de leche, which is, of course, our daily spread here. I´ve been making these for more than a year now, and sell it now and then at the Café. People love them, and that´s saying a lot, since everything in this country has dulce de leche, and chocolate cake with ddl filling is the birthday cake of choice. So I made the nutella version, so beloved by most, because I strongly believe that almost anything that can be made with one can be made with the other. I threw the almost in the sentence just so we don´t have a debate. I wanted to omit it, for the record.
This batter is good on it´s own, but the jam or spread you use makes it brilliant. The thing to watch is not to swirl it too much; you need the puddle of ddl or nutella, so when you bite, you can taste it separated from the chocolate.
Do make these bars, they´re so good. Finger licking good. Literally.

barely adapted from The Sweet Life in Paris, by David Lebovitz

8 Tbs (115g) unsalted butter, cut into pieces
6 oz. (170g) semisweet chocolate, chopped
¼ cup (25g) unsweetened cocoa powder
3 large eggs
1 cup (200g) sugar
1 cup (140g) all purpose flour
½ teaspoon vanilla extract or paste
½ cup dulce de leche
½ cup hazelnut spread (Nutella)

Preheat oven to 350ºF / 180ºC.
Line an 8-inch (20 cm) square pan with a long sheet of aluminum foil that covers the bottom and sides of the pan. Grease bottom and sides with a bit of butter or non-stick spray.
Melt butter and chocolate in bowl over simmering water, stirring until melted and combined.
Remove from heat and whisk in the cocoa until smooth. Add the eggs, one at a time, then stir in the sugar, vanilla, then the flour.
Pour batter into prepared pan. Drop tablespoonfuls of dulce de leche on one half and nutella on the other. With the tip of a knife swirl the spreads very slightly; otherwise you wont get the puddle.
Bake for 35 to 45 minutes. The brownies are done when the center feels just slightly firm. Do not over bake.
Remove from the oven and cool completely. Cool on wire rack.
These brownies are better the second day, and will keep well for up to 3 days.


  1. What delicious choices for swirls in brownies!

  2. These look really good! I love the swirls.

  3. Just pinned these brownies on my "Nuts About Nutella" Board on Pinterest. These look yummy.

  4. Love these - not only to we crave Tango in the UK now we also have to have dulce de leche in everything sweet!

    1. I don´t blame you! It really goes with everything sweet!

  5. Paula, the brownies look utterly delicious! Since I discovered a very good (in my opinion) ddl, I will have to try this recipe for a much needed treat one day!

    1. What brand is it? Try to find La Salamandra if you can. Good luck making this!

  6. Well Paula it is a French brand "Bonne Maman" - I do not know whether it comes even close to the "La Salamandra" - but I will try to follow your recommendation and find that one, somehow I am sure, it is the best ddl on the market!

  7. A brownie recipe I will definitely try! Thanks!

  8. Mmmmmm....I tried to make cookies that called for mixing in the Nutella...they weren't impressive. Swirling is the way to go...both versions look marvelous!

  9. Paula, These are fabulous looking and I’m sure incredibly delicious!! Dulce de Leche is one of my favorite things…by the spoonful! have a great day!!

  10. I want to reach through the screen and take one of each. They look so yummy!

  11. These look so good! i could eat at least 2 right now!

  12. Brownies are an excellent way to diffuse stress! These look so amazing with the nutella and dulce de leche drizzled on top :)

  13. This is a textural masterpiece. These brownies are impeccably aesthetic and just beg to be gobbled down. Simply wonderful.

  14. Oooh! These are a must try!! They look fabulous!! :)

  15. Paula..I have to try your version with the dulce de leche. I am literally drooling at 4 am! Your batter swirl photos are food porn to the 1000th degree!


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