Aug 5, 2012

Cinnamon Toast Bread Pudding #SundaySupper #CookForJulia

Our Sunday Supper table today is honoring the incomparable JuliaChild and I´m sitting down to have brunch with her and this wonderful recipe that combines the perennial favorite that is cinnamon toast with a vanilla custard, resulting in a sweet and creamy bread pudding. A recipe from the great Julia of course.

Most countries have their own way of using leftover bread. Whether in a pudding, toast, sweet or savory, the daily bread is used to it´s last crumb. And most countries have their own JC; ours is of course Doña Petrona.
Bread pudding can be very good if done with the right ingredients and flavors. The combination here is simple, just like comfort food is, the kind childhood memories are made of.

It starts with white bread that is slathered with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. It´s broiled so it becomes a caramelized toast. How can that not be good as a first layer in a bread pudding?

I used plain challah. I made one after the gruyere version, and it was perfect for this recipe, being a bit richer than regular white sandwich bread. So the caramelized slices of bread are cut in pieces and arranged in a neat pattern on a buttered dish. The `neat´ just keeps eluding me on occasions such as this. As I always tell you, I´m rustic, I´m all for the flavor, or so I tell myself.

Then there´s a custard to be made the traditional way, though the eggs and sugar are beaten to the ribbon stage, which makes this a very fluffy mixture. Maybe I went a bit overboard here, since I was broiling the bread slices at the same time that I had the eggs in the stand mixer, and when I added the hot milk to it I might, just might, have forgotten it for a few minutes, while the very dutiful mixer continued to do it´s job.

So yes, the result was a whole lot of yellow foamy custard. But the bubbles diminish, eventually. And when it was time to cover the toasts, the amount of custard turned out to be a bit much. So I was left with a cup of crème anglaise, for what are eggs + sugar + hot milk cooked over the stove but crème anglaise right? So I added a few tablespoons of bourbon to it and had the most wonderful sauce to go with the bread pudding.

I also sprinkled a few tablespoons sugar on top, after the pudding was fully cooked, and broiled it a few minutes. I think Julia would´ve approved, both the crunchy top and the bourbon in the sauce. I did, it was just the finishing touch it needed. This is a great brunch dish that will be a crowd pleaser.
I don´t own any of Julia´s books. Shame on me. It´s just an unexplainable thing considering the amount of cookbooks I own.
I found this recipe on this page on and it appears in Julia´s Kitchen Wisdom.

We have a huge crowd at the table this Sunday. Check all of their recipes because they are as awesome as Julia Child herself.
Today´s SundaySupper is being hosted by Samantha from The Little Ferraro Kitchen. Go to her site for information about our 7PM (EST) Twitter Chat.

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  1. Cinnamon toast and vanilla custard..looks very tempting! Great recipe!

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  18. I love that you all are honoring Julia. And I hope to plow through all these Posts some time this Summer. If you read my FFWD this week, you know I love cinnamon sugar so this recipe is right up my alley. A little rich but I could cough it down, for sure. Everything about this dish was flavorful, perfectly made from scratch, and very, Julia.

    1. To my surprise, this is not a very sweet recipe in spite of the ingredients.

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  28. I finally realized how amazing bread pudding is, I love your recipe! What a great idea to use toast for you bread pudding:-) Gorgeous! Hugs, Terra


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