Nov 19, 2012

Vintage Monday - Sesame Peas and Green Beans

Are you done with all the prepping? Are all the pies, sauces and stuffings made? Did you check everything off your list? What the hell am I asking right? It´s only Monday for god´s sake, I should give you a break. Said by the woman who buys her christmas gift on the 23rd...
Anyway, here are some recipes from my blogging friends that might come in handy. Because there are never enough holiday recipes. Even if it´s just to look at them and file them away until next year.
A delectable pecan pie or almond tart;  scrumptious pumpkin bars and gorgeous cheesecake. Or are you still in need of some side dishes and appetizers like these lovely maple brussel sprouts, roasted squash or fabulous mushroom tart. Or if you´re really like me and don´t even have your bird ready, not that I celebrate thanksgiving because I don´t but still, take a look at the color of this turkey!

We know movies are an illusion, but still we tend to believe in fairy tales when it suits us. Let these images speak for themselves.

Sometimes I start reading something basically time wasting and a bit stupid, but then I find myself laughing, stupidly I admit. And then another one.
This one never gets old. And then there are those few sentences that make me laugh so hard. 

Today I´m guest blogging for my talented friend Renée, from Magnolia Days. I made a delectable Pumpkin Pecan Sheet Cake just for you. Isn´t it perfect for this week? I thought so. 

My vintage recipe today is for an easy side dish. Sesame, in the form of oil and seeds, is a wonderful addition to the green vegetables here. Green as in peas and green beans, though they are great with greens too, but that´s not our recipe here.

My only change are a few drops of sesame oil which tremendously enhances the overall flavor and using some black sesame seeds in addition to white. Don´t overdo it with the oil. Too much and it ruins the dish.

I only have one pic of this, which luckily showcases this side dish well, because I accidentally erased my photos from the computer and from my camera. 

barely adapted from Betty Crocker´s Cookbook, 1969 edition

Note: melt the butter and add it to the peas and green beans just before serving. If you do it beforehand the butter will solidify. And that´s no good.

¼ cup butter
2 Tbs sesame seeds (I use half white and half black)
1 teaspoon sugar
2 cups peas, fresh or frozen
2 cups green beans
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 teaspoons sesame oil

Cook peas and green beans in abundant salted water. If using frozen peas defrost according to package directions. Transfer to serving plate or dish.
Melt butter in a skillet, when it starts to brown add sesame seeds and sugar. Remove from heat.
Pour over peas and green beans, season with salt, pepper and sesame oil.
Serve immediately.
Serves 4


  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous my friend what a delicious side :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. This sounds like a great side for any holiday meal! And many thanks for all the recipes - the almond tart will be on my Christmas table, for sure! ~ David


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