Dec 23, 2012

Savory Crêpe Cake #SundaySupper

My Christmas will be spent tomorrow at my father's house. We celebrate the 24th at night, Christmas Eve, or Nochebuena as we call it. It will include appetisers, a turkey with corn and prune stuffing, quince and mustard sauce, salads, a lemon cheesecake and an apple pudding, the last two made by me.
Those recipes are not family ones, except for the turkey, and that is my father's area, that's why I have no Christmas recipe for you. Though I'm hoping I'll be able to take good pics and post about it in the coming weeks. 

This Savory Crêpe Cake is the heritage recipe I choose to share with you as we gather around our Sunday Supper table today.

Bea of Galactosemia is our host, and she choose this Home for the Holidays theme. As usual, the list of recipes will blow your mind away, and isn´t it wonderful how they are all a part of our family's way of celebrating?

For the last few years we've been gathering at my uncle's house to celebrate the new year. 
Sort of a family potluck, with all of my cousins on my mother's side, a few odd guests invited at the last minute, and that part of my family I never remember clearly, the second or third aunt or cousin who come with their own families, and though I try I hardly ever remember their names; they usually remember mine which is embarrassing.

And of course the familiar food at the table. Since this is the recipe my maternal grandmother used to make, it obviously makes an appearance at the buffet table. A very large table.
It ends up being a big affair, with tables and chairs borrowed from the whole house, because, just like that, without anyone realising it, forty people end up seating together to celebrate the new year. 

I hadn't eaten it in years and was surprised to be craving it as much as I did when I was growing up and this was a once-a-year thing my grandmother made, with familiar flavours that tasted better because of the anticipation. Last year, my cousins made it exactly like the original recipe, with canned devil ham, store bought mayonnaise and an awful decoration of red peppers from a jar.

Today my version is jazzed up a bit using homemade mayonnaise, smoked pork tenderloin instead of the canned ham, and adding hearts of palm. 
The crepes are the ones I use for everything, from these savoury stuffed with corn, zucchini and bacon to sweet one filled with dulce de leche.

This cake is very simple. Just a few thing to take into consideration: since you're spreading mayonnaise on every crepe don't put too much on each, remember to salt every layer, don't overstuff the center of each crepe and don't press the layers down, that way it will be taller and you will be able to distinguish the different fillings  when you cut it.

The final decoration on top is up to you. I don't decorate really, it's not my thing, especially savoury things, so I just added some mayo, grated egg, chopped olives and some chives on top. 
This cake can be filled with many other ingredients, depending on your taste, from tuna to roasted red peppers, smoked salmon, etc.

I'll make it again in a week and take it over to my uncle's house. I hope they find my revised version as good as the old one. I'll be crossing my fingers, just in case.

And as the night closes in, the new year is toasted to, the traditional lucky 12 grapes or raisins are eaten, white is worn with pink underwear, which is something hard to pull off, who knows where that idea started, and all traditions are taken care of, I'll be looking forward to the next time I find myself eating the pancake tower, as it's called in my family, chatting away with my cousins as someone is inevitably cornered and told some story again and again by a drunken guest; while we swear next year we'll do something with our friends because it should be more fun than family again. 
Just to find ourselves, a few minutes later, vowing to each other to attend the party again next year, all of us, so as not to leave the others prey of the drunken or boring guests.

I always have fun with my cousins, even though I´m the oldest, and I love celebrating New Year.
It's a new year after all. It's important. If the old one was good we have a lot to celebrate; if it was not so good you want to toast to a better one.

Happy Holidays to everyone, hold your loved ones tight and enjoy the moment!


1 recipe Crepes, see recipe here
200g (7 oz) sliced smoked pork loin or ham
Lettuce, 2 leaves
1 medium tomato
2 hard boiled eggs, cold or at room tº
1 cup chopped hearts of palm
½ cup chopped green olives
2 Tbs chopped chives, for garnish
Homemade mayonnaise, recipe below

Have ready: room tº crepes, smoked pork, rinsed and dried lettuce, thinly sliced tomato, eggs and a large hole grater, hearts of palm, olives and mayonnaise.

I put it together like this:

In the plate you plan to serve the cake place one crepe and spread a thin layer of mayonnaise
Arrange smoked pork or ham on top
Another crepe spread with some mayonnaise
Arrange lettuce on top
Another crepe spread with mayonnaise
Arrange sliced tomatoes, covering the surface
Another layer of crepe spread with mayonnaise
Arrange chopped hearts of palm covering the surface
Another crepe spread with mayonnaise
Add chopped olives.
Another crepe spread with mayonnaise
Grate 1 ½ hard boiled eggs directly over crepe (reserve ½ for top of the cake)
Last crepe on top. Spread some mayonniase and grate reserved egg on top, sprinkle with chopped olives and chives.

Homemade mayonnaise: barely adapted from Martha Stewart

It´s very important to keep homemade mayonnaise refrigerated at all times. Use store bought if you don´t want to eat raw eggs.

1 cup olive oil
1 cup canola oil
2 eggs
½ teaspoon dijon mustard
½ teaspoon salt
Juice of half a lemon
Dash of tabasco

Put both oils in a jar and reserve.
Put eggs, mustard and salt in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the steel blade. Process for a minute, until foamy.
Very slowly at first, drop by drop, start adding oils through the feed tube. The first half cup should be added by drops, so it emulsifies well. Have patience.
After the first cup you can add the rest in a thin stream. The mayonnaise will be thick.
Add lemon juice and tabasco and pulse to combine. Check seasonings and refrigerate.
It will keep 3 to 5 days.

Today is all about heritage, tradition and family recipes. 

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Appetizers & Snacks
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  1. It´s delicious ! Merry Christmas, Paula.

  2. Last time I made crepes they were more like thick pancakes, but your recipe here makes me want to try again! This would also make a fantastic lunch!

  3. Paula, this is SO beautiful! And I'm positively drooling! Merry Christmas!

  4. You just blew my mind. I need to make this ASAP!

  5. I am a huge fan of crepes. It is one of my go to breakfast foods. BUT I have never had them look like this! WOW! I looooove your toppings! I'm more of a 'feta cheese or nutella' topping girl. I need to change that. :-D

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

    1. You reminded me of feta cheese, or soft goat would be great in this `cake´

  6. OMG....this sounds AMAZING!

    Your family gathering sounds so fun! And so now I have to ask, "white with pink underwear?" Do you come to the party like that or do you change at some point in the evening? :-)

    Happy holidays!

    1. In order to have luck and prosperity the coming year, some say you should wear all white, others pink new underwear, others you should eat 12 grapes... so it´s hard to do it all at once, but we DO want the luck and prosperity! LOL!

  7. This recipe sounds so enticing! I've wanted to make a crepe cake for quite some time now and still have yet to. Immediately all my crepe cake ideas are sweet ones. I'm fascinated by your savory spin. Lovely!!

  8. What a terrific idea! I love it. I love savory crepe dishes, but I've only had individual rolled crepes. What fun to make a stack. This reminds me a little bit of something in Sweden, which translates as a sandwich cake, where you layer various fillings on bread and stack it up as a cake. Anyway, love the idea, and as always, your blog is inspiring and lovely.

  9. Paula, this looks terrific layer after the next. So elegant, too. How fun that you updated a tradition started by your grandmother. Merry, merry Christmas, my friend! xo

  10. I agree with LIz - this looks fantastic! It sounds like you have a fun packed Holidays ahead of you - enjoy! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas ~ Bea @ galactopdx

  11. This looks amazing! I'd be tempted to use goat or cream cheese for the mayo (I hate mayo LOL) but man it looks yummy

  12. I love the pink underwear tradition, made me laugh out loud. We're so simple here, just black eyed peas on New Year's Day. :) I'd love a wedge of your savory crepe cake, it looks delicious.

    Very Happy Holidays my friend!

  13. I think your grandmother would smile happily that you have made the savory crepe looks delicious.

  14. Love this! A savory crepe cake = amazingness! I usually have dessert-type crepes but only because I haven't come across this! Can't wait to try this!

  15. What a fantastic idea! I love crepes - I taught a crepes class a couple of years ago and got into them in a big way getting ready for the class. I love, love, love your layers, and the photo - especially the top one - is GORGEOUS!

  16. This is beautiful! I love crepes sweet and savory, and I will have to keep this presentation in mind next time we make them. Fantastic!

  17. Your savory crêpe cake is intriguing, Paula. The mayo with the Dijon mustard is a nice touch, too. I admire how beautifully you made your paper-thin pancakes. Bravo! And enjoy your Christmas on the 24th =)

  18. Paula,
    This is just LOVELY! and beautiful. . LOVE this stacked savory crepe idea, brillant!! white is worn with pink underwear?? What?

  19. Fun! This looks really delicious and fun! Love all the different fillings.

  20. I love savory crepes and make different varieties of it all the time, including stuffed. But I have never done anything quite like this and I love it. So much simpler to make for a group of people.

  21. This looks so tempting and fun to make!

  22. Your torre de panqueques looks delicious! I love hearts of palm, so I'm glad they're popular here in Argentina. I used them in the pionono that I made for tonight's meal. Te deseo muchas felicidades! Un beso.

    1. Well, it´s either the torre de panqueques o el pionono! MY MIL made a pionono with hearts of palm, lettuce and ham, it was amazing. Feliz Navidad!

  23. I knew crepes could go from sweet to savory but your beautiful crepe cake shows me that crepes are so much more than a simple dessert. Enjoy this time with your family. Merry Christmas!

  24. I'm giggling over the wearing of white with pink underwear. What a fun tradition and I'm also curious of how that got started.
    Your crepe cake is beyond fabulous. All those layers and flavors make a tower of deliciousness.

  25. What a treat to read of your New Year traditions. 12 grapes? That I can manage! Do men wear pink underwear, too? I am with you - how did that tradition start? We will be on a train that day from New Orleans coming back to Tucson - 34 hours in all. We will toast in the New Year in San Antonion, Texas with a 2.5-hour layover... fireworks are promised. I will bring raisins along (or grapes) and we will toast you and your family! ~ David

  26. That is an beautiful and delicious sounding Crepe! Thank you for sharing!

  27. I think a big New Year's family gathering sounds like a great tradition. And this Crepe Cake looks so unique and delicious.

  28. Paula, this looks so freaking good - I love every single ingredient you used between those delicious crepe layers. And your family parties sound like such a hoot! It just isn't Christmas without some drunken relative making it both hilarious and awkward! I hope your holiday season has been absolutely fabulous and filled with good food and family.

  29. Oh yum! I love crepes but I've only ever had sweet fillings, this savory crepe sounds wonderful.

  30. Woah, that looks really good! I could imagine this for fancy lunch or brunch.

  31. Paula, I am knocked out by this. It's gorgeous and looks delicious. Wow!

  32. The above given recipe is really very nice. It is easy and tastes good. Thanks for such a great recipe.


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