Caramelized Monkey Bread #SundaySupper

Bucket lists. That's what we decided to tackle as our first post with the SundaySupper group. 

A new year, a new recipe crossed off the list. The List. If I ever thought that starting a food blog would shorten it, of course I was wrong by a gazillion light years. The List is relentless in it's urgency, each item more important than the last one, which seemed so urgent at the time.

So, what's on your bucket list as you start the year? You might find what you need today here, or you might just add a few dozen new ones. That's how good the list of recipes is.

The List has two types of recipes, the ones I need to tackle because of a certain technique I want to master and the ones that just need to be made because I've been wanting to for ever, and that is a long time according to the years I've been cooking, like this monkey bread.

I don't think I ever saw a monkey bread pic that I didn't find amazing. Yet here I am making it for the first time. 
This recipe is from Mel who has an amazing blog. Really, that woman can come up with some of the most incredible recipes. Not to mention the cutest kids. I know, I know, your kids are the cutest.

Before the last rise

Little balls of bread dipped first in butter and then in brown sugar with cinnamon, and baked until a caramel like situation forms around them. It's like the best combination ever, for breakfast, snack, movie watching, the perfect sugar/starch craving soother. Or just because you wanted to make something really decadent and fun to eat. 

You probably have every ingredient in your house. You can use white sugar only, or another spice or citrus zest, or a boozy glaze, which of course I did, the latter. I added rum instead of milk, because I really can't help myself. Please, please eat it while it´s warm. And then lick your fingers.

My sugar coated balls of dough look two different colors because they were. I ran out of light brown sugar and had to go with dark brown for the last part.

Mine unmolded pretty nicely, something that is achieved only if done within the first minutes after taking it out of the oven, but three pics later it started to fall apart. Which made it even more impossible not to start eating at once. After all it was falling apart. Interesting how fast one can pop these bites and not even realize a huge chunk of monkey bread is gone.

One last thing. About that dipping in melted butter and then in sugar. You have two hands, and it's a good decision to use one for each chore. So, if you don't follow my advice and end up with two hands thickly buttered and sugared, so much that you have to wash them before you realize you've done it again, and again, and again, don't come here to complain. 

Here is the link to this wonderful monkey bread

The variety of recipes this week is incredible. Many different cuisines are featured. There is something for everyone:

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Are you ready to tackle your culinary bucket list? I’m one down and lots to go. Perhaps my next one will be a recipe in today’s event. They all look so good. Choices, choices…

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  1. This looks so good! I love monkey bread and it's fun to eat!

  2. This looks & sounds gorgeous !! Monkey bread is on my list as well. Maybe soon ! I love the cinnamon touch :)

  3. My daughter is our family's monkey bread maker every holiday...can't wait to pass on this recipe to her! Looks delicious, Paula!!!

  4. I always say I'm going to make monkey bread and then I don't because I remind myself out bad it is for me! Seeing yours, just gets me in the mood for it again! I just need to invite some friends over to share!

  5. Excuse me as I drool over your monkey bread photos!

    I love monkey bread, and have such fond memories of making it with my mom as a girl for special occasions (Christmas or Thanksgiving morning usually). I have not made it in years though...this makes me want to whip one up again!

  6. I never tried monkey bread! I'm adding this to my list, Paula!

  7. This looks delicious and I laughed at the mental image of hands covered in butter and sugar! Love it! I'm still formulating my bucket list (I feel like it's always growing haha!), but hope to start tackling some of the items starting today. :)

  8. I love monkey bread (in part because of the name) but I've never made it. I love your rum-infused dark brown sugar version and I don't think I would be able to contain myself from finishing that thing off entirely fresh out of the oven!

  9. Paula, you knew I was already excited to see this recipe - it looks absolutely amazing and I am quite positive this is going on my bucket list this year.
    I will make it. I will, I will. Btw: Feel free to bring me some ANY TIME!

  10. This has been on my list for forever too! Just because I want to eat it! Yours looks perfect!

  11. This looks fantastic!!! I love monkey bread and want to make this one asap. And your photos are gorgeous, Paula!!!

  12. LOL, I know exactly what you're talking about with "the hands" thing... I've done it. Numerous time... ha! Your monkey bread looks so darn addicting, Paula!

  13. I love Monkey Bread and I have never tried to make it. This one looks amazing and not too complicated at all. Thank you for sharing it.

  14. I have never made anything like this but I love the idea of pull aparts and yours looks divine as always!!

  15. I have never made monkey bread, and yours look out of this world, so most and sugary!! This is a must make!!

  16. amazing does this look...and how tasty!!! I completely agree with you the list is never ending and ever growing! :-)

  17. Wishing one of those chunks would roll right out of the screen and into my mouth. Oh sweet heavens.

  18. I haven't made homemade monkey bread since the early days of my family would love another batch...and yours looks marvelous!!!

  19. LOVE monkey bread! I have only made it once, I think I need to make it again!

  20. It's official... you can make anything look like a masterpiece! Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Happy New Year my friend!

  21. Your right, I added a few dozen recipes to The List today. This cake has me drooling. Oh my, it looks delicious!

  22. I could eat you monkey bread all day every day :)

    Choc Chip Uru
    Happy new year

  23. This looks so good! I can't believe I still have never made monkey bread. This must change.

  24. You are so clever!!! this looks simply DELICIOUS!!!
    Mary x

  25. You had me at boozy glaze. That looks so good it's almost sinful. Absolutely gorgeous!

  26. This looks beautiful! And delicious too!!! Never made it but something tells me it shall be done!!!

  27. delicious pictures of monkey bread looks wonderful

  28. We love Monkey Bread and it is so easy to make into a million different flavors. We mostly make sweet but I keep seeing savory versions that are on our bucket list. You make me want to go out and get the ingredients now! Looks amazing!

  29. You had me at boozy glaze. Let's be real.

  30. I TOTALLY know what you mean about The List, Paula. I always add an item that I just HAVE to make and then as soon as I've made it, instead of celebrating the accomplishment I turn immediately to the next recipe that HAS to be made. It's a relentless, unending cycle but as food bloggers, that is our lot in life! I ADORE monkey bread - I mean, what's not to love? Yours looks soooooo incredibly delicious. I wish I were there to help you eat it.

  31. I love your pictures, Paula!

  32. Monkey bread is on my bucket list as well, Paula. I am so happy you checked it off your list and gave us this beautiful creation. It turned out absolutely gorgeous. What a great idea to tackle it with the Sunday Supper club. I always mean to join and miserably fail at deadlines.

  33. Isn't monkey bread the best?! I've made my scratch version just last year and I was in love! Seeing your post makes me want to make it again!

  34. Paula, oh my goodness, I love this. This monkey bread looks elegant and fabulous!!! I am totally going to try this!!! Eat it while it´s warm and then lick my fingers? Heck yeah. I am seriously making this, Like maybe tomorrow. :)

  35. Oh my goodness I love monkey bread already but your version looks even better! I just made a cup of tea, wish I could come over to yours and having some of that to go with it. :)

  36. I love making monkey bread, both sweet and savory, and yours look like one I need to add to my bucket list!

  37. Wow.....this looks amazing! I'm def. going to try it :-)

  38. You are so right about every Monkey Bread photo looking delicious, including yours now! I comment you for washing those hands instead of just licking the butter and sugar off. :) Just added this to my own bucket list!

  39. This is pretty awesome! I have always wanted to make monkey bread. I am totally making this!

  40. Paula, I have really been wanting to make a Monkey Bread for the longest times - the kids would love for me it, I am sure. And now that I have seen your terrific version and the wonderful pictures, I am encouraged to finally make one!

  41. I've always wanted to try monkey bread too! Yours looks great :)

  42. I have never had a monkey bread - now I want to try it! What isn't good about that combination? Hmmmm... I have to think about bucket list recipes. Probably a Gateau St. Honoré - my mother made me one for my birthday when I was a teen, and I have always wanted to try making one. What a great idea instead of a New Year's resolution - a bucket list fulfillment! ~ David

    1. I haven´t made much choux pastry in my life, so that would be something interesting David!

  43. I must admit it. I am crazy about monkey bread but don't make it often.........for that very reason. Yours looks so good, Paula. Did you eat the whole thing? Be honest.

    1. I gave most of it away that day, together with a bundt cake that I´m posting next week. Leftover food is starting to be a problem!

  44. One of my favorite things about staying with my inlaws is MIL's monkey bread! I have never made it myself, but I have dreams about it. This looks fantastic!

  45. wow just wow. I'm afraid if I made something like this I'd eat the whole thing! it's way too easy with all those little bites!

  46. Monkey bread has been on my list of things I want to make and this post has made that desire even stronger. Yours looks soooo good. I will have to get on it asap!

  47. my bucket list grows longer with every blog I read. and yes, monkey bread is always on my to-bake list.
    Thanks for sharing it with #bakeyourownbread

  48. Love this and the cinnamon and sugar in your pictures looks so delicious! Happy Sunday, Paula!


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