Tortitas Negras or `Little Black Cakes´ - a guest post at Food Wanderings

When I read that Shulie was interested in heritage baking I thought I heard her call my name.

She blogs at Food Wanderings, and I'm sure most of you know her already. She's the voice behind that gorgeous food blog, with incredible recipes like Date and Orange Tea Ring, or my personal favorite Polenta Citrus Cookies
I was already following her before I started my own food blog, so this guest post is a real treat.

I'm sharing Tortitas Negras with you today. They have been around for ever, one of the most traditional bakery items in this country, Argentina. They haven't changed much through the years, are of very simple execution and good for a snack at any time.

So go check out her recipe, say hi to Shulie and spend whatever amount of time you want wandering around her blog. It's so worth it.


  1. Thanks for being such a lovely guest with such a traditional Argentinian bread, Paula. Love having you on my site. A great addition to the Baking with Heritage series!

  2. Off to check out this delicious exotic bread :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Oh no, Paula !!! Son mi factura preferida, no puedo resistirme a ellas y es tan difícil conseguirlas en su punto justo. ¡Gracias pr esta maravillosa receta! Bs.!

  4. That makes me many delicious and interesting thing are there in the world that I have never tried and maybe will never try..

  5. The crunchy topping on The Little Black Cakes is such a sultry delight! On my way to check the recipe!

  6. Heading over there now to check out this wonderful recipe!

  7. I've never heard of these! Off to visit Shulie :)

  8. Great recipe idea for Shulie. Can't wait to see the recipe.


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