Apr 14, 2013

Chocolate Almond Torte with Raspberries (gluten free) #SundaySupper

First of all, I can´t tell you how grateful I am to all of you, my dear friends, for all your amazing caring comments and emails after my little world was flooded on april 2. Things took a turn for the better a few days ago, and the pieces are starting to come together. And that means my spirits are climbing up the ladder again.

It´s said that what we see when we look at food is fifty percent of our response. Following that line of thought, a movie about food can leave a memorable impression in our mind, either way. 
I personally find there is something magical about food related movies, though they normally stray from the realities of real food, whether in the preparation, un-messy surroundings, time frames or many other details. But what it never fails to do is entice us into a world of aroused senses. Again, either way.

Today we´re sharing recipes inspired by movies with the Sunday Supper group, and the lovely and very talented Heather, of Girlichef, is the host. After the recipe there is a terrific list of recipes. You´ll probably find your favorite food-related movies in them.

The past few weeks have been an un-asked for whirlwind, and my first idea for this theme was a very different one. But being short on time and with a not completely recovered kitchen, I dug into my files and found this little gem of a cake, which of course reminded me of the movie Chocolat right away.
The movie centers around a woman who opens a chocolate shop in a little town, and changes the lives of the people through her chocolate creations. There is love in her work, and it shows. 
Btw, this is a movie not to be missed, with enough chocolate and emotions to last you for a while.

Flourless chocolate tortes, such as this one, need to be made with love and care, due to the lack of starch. So much depends on the egg whites, the folding and the baking. It needs attention, many bowls, beaters and a gentle hand. The result is according to the work.
A not too sweet cake, with a deep chocolate flavor, some texture from the almonds and a wonderful tang from the fresh raspberries. Do you want to add whipped cream? Go ahead. I like my flourless chocolate tortes as plain as possible. But that´s me.
Would I serve this if I had a chocolate shop? Absolutely. Will it change people´s lives when they are it? I sure hope so.

barely adapted from Chocolate Cake, by Michele Urvater


6oz. (170g) bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
2 teaspoons coffee powder
¼ cup coffee liqueur (I used Kahlua)
6oz. (170g) unsalted butter, softened
13 Tbs (185g) sugar
6 large eggs, separated
¼ teaspoon salt
6oz. (170g) toasted almonds, finely ground
1 cup fresh raspberries, to serve
Confectioners´ sugar, for dusting


Preheat oven to 375ºF / 190ºC. Butter/spray and flour a 9-inch (24cm) springform pan. 
Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a double boiler or in the microwave. Mix in the coffee powder and liqueur. Reserve.
In a large bowl, beat the butter until creamy. Slowly add 11 Tbs sugar and beat until the mixture is light and very creamy. Scrape the sides of the bowl as needed.
Add the egg yolks, one or two at a time, beating well between each, and beating an extra minute after the last one. Fold in the almonds and chocolate mixture, in a few additions each, using a spatula.
In another large bowl with an electric mixer or the bowl of a stand mixer, beat the egg whites with the salt until the begin to stand in soft peaks. Add the remaining 2 Tbs sugar and beat until glossy and stiff.
With a spatula, add a few tbs of the whites into the chocolate mixture and mix. Add the rest of the whites in 2 or 3 additions, mixing carefull but thoroughly.
Pour into prepared pan, turn down the oven to 350ºF / 180ºC and bake for 15 minutes.
Turn down the oven to 325ºF / 160ºC and bake for another 45 minutes; turn the oven down to 300ºF / 150ºC and bake for 15 to 20 more minutes, until a tester in the center comes out dry.
Turn off the oven and leave the cake in the oven, with the door ajar for another 30 minutes.
Transfer to a wire rack and cool, in the pan, to room temperature.
When ready to serve, slide a flat knife or spatula around the sides, release the springform and carefully transfer to the serving plate.
Dust with confectioners´ sugar and serve with the raspberries.

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  1. You already do change people's lives with your fabulous food recipes, Paula. And your thoughtful Vintage Kitchen posts.

    Including the reminder to add TLC to make fantastic torte à la almond and chocolat.

  2. This is the only way the hubby will eat nuts...ground up and in chocolate cake! Simply gorgeous, my friend!

  3. Paula, this torte is lovely! Adore that you added Kahlua, and paired it with the raspberries! Have a beautiful Sunday!

  4. Paula, this torte is calling my name. It looks so decadent and rich. Yum!

  5. Delicious! I love raspberries. Love.

  6. I'm glad to read you and your city is recovering from the flood. Mother Nature can be so cruel sometimes. Your torte is heavenly and one I wish I could be there sharing with you, my friend.

  7. Glad to hear things are slowly getting better.

    Your torte is gorgeous.

  8. I always thought about opening a choco shop but then its too hot here so we opened up a pastry. Anyway, I totally enjoyed reading your post Paula and your chocolate cake looks like a classic that my french grandmother would make. I bet it tastes heavenly!

    Paula I am sorry I missed out on the happenings in the last weeks but I hope I can catch up soon.

  9. This looks so good - I really love gluten free cakes that require no flours at all. I think they're tasty and tend to turn out consistently better than their flour-ed counterparts!

  10. Well, it could change my life just looking at it - holy cow, it looks amazing, Paula! I love that in the midst of all that is happening, you could bake this beautiful torte. And Chocolat is one of my favorite movies, so this is just perfection.

  11. So glad to hear that you are doing better! It's a process I'm sure but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This torte looks amazing! I always love my desserts as is - no whipped cream or ice cream - because I want to enjoy the flavors of the actual treat.

  12. Your torte looks amazing Paula! I love flourless cakes such as this. And the almond adds such a great dimension to the flavors! Magnifico!

  13. I like the moist that almonds give to cake mixes. And the combination of chocolate and raspberries is also wonderful.

  14. Pleased to hear things are getting better! My husband adores chocolate, the darker and richer all the better.
    A must make dessert my my favorite chocolate lover!

  15. Just lovely! Such a beautiful torte and incredible photos as always.

  16. I am so happy my friend that things are getting better for you :D
    Lovely looking cake perfect to celebrate with!

    Choc Chip Uru

  17. This looks amazing! I love raspberries with chocolate too. Yum all the way around :)

  18. I'm glad things are slowly getting better - what a nightmare that must have been. I hope everything is sorted soon. This torte looks absolutely delicious - I am always looking for new GF recipes to try and this is going straight to the top of the list!

  19. Your torte looks so delicious, especially with the raspberries - I love that it was inspired by Chocolat too!

  20. I am so glad things are starting to get back to normal for you. What an amazing looking dense, delicious and decadent cake. You always satisfy, great post!!

  21. This looks delicious. I have never made a torte before but would love to give it a try with this recipe.

  22. This is a gorgeous looking torte! And I also saw your congo bars on Alice's site. Between those and this, I am loving the chocolate theme!

  23. So glad to hear that things are going better and that your spirits are lifted!

    Your cake looks fabulous. And, Chocolat! I love that movie - it's magic. Wonderful soundtrack too.

  24. So glad to hear that you all are getting your lives back in order, Paula. Flooding is so devastating because the damage is much more than just a storm passing through. What a gorgeous chocolate torte! I am not much of a sweet eater but dark chocolate anything always lifts my spirits. This one makes me smile for sure.

  25. Omg!! Es increible, mejor no te podia haber quedado!!! Adoro el chocolate y se me está haciendo la boca agua!!

  26. I think this is a wonderful torte! Chocolate torte with raspberries such a great combination.

  27. What a great theme for this month!
    I'm so sorry to hear about the flood. Sending best wishes your way - I'm glad things are coming together again.

  28. Glad to hear your life is getting back to normal after the flood. My chocoholic stepdaughter would love this torte!

  29. Oh my goodness Paula, this is absolutely beautiful.
    I've been thinking about you and praying for you and so very relieved that things are starting to look up and better.
    Have missed you!

  30. Oh my heavens, my stomach literally growled at me when I saw this! What a fantastic recipe - and great movie pick! :)

  31. I was just telling Lora last night how incredibly talented you are, and once again, your talent shines with this beautiful, perfectly fudgy and and undoubtedly delicious flourless chocolate torte! I wish you liced closer! ;D

  32. This looks delicious. You can't go wrong with raspberries and chocolate in my book. Beautiful pictures!

  33. Love and care always make a difference! Hope you are doing better!

  34. OMG - how gorgeous is this!

  35. What a fun post and so many fun recipes! I love how people's minds work in relating certain foods to movies. One of my favorite references was to the raspberry cordial from Anne of Green Gables. I also realized that I have seen all thé movies except the Life of Pi and Joe vs the Volcano. Hard to imagine Joe as a chef, but maybe I need to watch it! :) Chocolat is one of my absolute favorite films and we watch it every Easter, as we watch Love actually every Christmas. They are such feel good and well crafted flicks. Your chocolate torte sounds amazing and I may have to make it this week for guests. And I love that something this good is GF! Thanks, Paula! ~ David

  36. That tart looks amazing! I have never made a tart before, I think I should:)

  37. This looks so amazing for my gluten-free son's 22nd birthday! Do you think a torte pan would work as well as a springform pan? Thanks, Steffani

    1. Hi Steff! If you use a torte pan just make sure you line the bottom with parchment paper so you can unmold it easily. Hope you like it!


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