Jul 7, 2013

Strawberry and Passion Fruit Caipirinha

Some people here would say this is a caipifruta (fruta meaning fruit in spanish) not a caipirinha, because it's made with fruit, strawberry and passion fruit, other than limes. But that's really street talk and I don't want to complicate the title even more.

There is a fine line with many recipes when we, food bloggers, try to name them. Pesto, chimichurri, tiramisu, trifle, hawaiian, burger and a lot more are many times used to describe a shape or style of sauce, even though they're far from the original, and might include a small percentage of the traditional ingredients or none at all. 

So let's wing it and settle for strawberry and passion fruit caipirinha. 

It has cachaça after all, the brazilian liquor distilled from sugarcane, which for me is the only exclusive ingredient in a caipi (short for caipirinha around here). The rest is debatable.

The pictures are deceiving. Though you might see three times the same drink, only two have cachaça, the other has vodka, which means we have a strawberry passion fruit caipiroska too. I know, I drank it. 

Truth is I first became enthralled with this fruit mixture due to a caipiroska a bartender friend made for me once. Some years ago, while looking into the possibility of opening a bar with some friends, we had a few drink making demonstrations, preparing of the mise en place and all that accompanies cocktail making.

Have you ever set up an informal bar at a party? It's so much fun.

So we cut fruits, checked liquor bottles, prepared the different glasses, made sure we had enough napkins and cocktail straws and kept a list of ingredients for the drinks we were about to make close by.
'So now I'm gonna show you how to make a passion fruit caipiroska' he said, and proceeded to add some pieces of strawberry to the glass, sugar and startled muddling.
'Didn't you say passion fruit?' one of us inquired
'Yes, but it has strawberries too' he said, and went on to add some passion fruit juice, ice and vodka. 

Well, for me it a strawberry passion fruit caipiroska, both fruits having a stellar place in the drink, and some time later, through a fortuitous lack of vodka in my house one evening, I added cachaça and was completely sold.

Strawberry and passion fruit caipirinha baby! That's my favorite combination. The same way I think fresh cherries go better with vodka, hence the cherry caipiroska from last sunday. 

I'm having some boozy weekends lately.

I have to confess I consider passion fruit a citrus. And an intoxicating one. 
The smell when I cut it in half is so unique, and when I run a finger through some of the juice that remains on the counter the words that pop into my mind are fresh acid. 

There's a freshness about passion fruit that I don´t find in any other fruit. It has nothing to do with the juice itself, it's the smell of it. I wonder if any of you feel the same, or I'm just in loonie land talking to myself. Either way, it's what comes out when I try to describe it. Some company would be nice, of course.  

I sat down yesterday, my fruity caipirinha in front of me, enough napkins to prevent a pool of water on my desk and hands, and, eventually, my keyboard, as I made my way through the pile of unread posts in my readers, the ones I told you about in my last post.

Turns out, it's much easier to read, laugh and comment with a drink close by.  


This is the homemade way of making this drink. If you have a cocktail shaker, use it to mix the muddled fruit with the vodka and the ice.
The amount of sugar and cachaça is a personal taste. Go easy on the liquor the first time until you know what's the  fruit/alcohol ratio you prefer.

Makes 2 servings


½ cup fresh, hulled strawberries, cut into chunks
5 or 6 Tbs sugar, or simple syrup **
½ cup passion fruit juice (with or without pulp, your choice)
Cachaça, about 4 oz.
Cocktail straws and napkins, to serve


To get passion fruit juice, simply sieve it through a strainer. The type of holes in it will determine whether some pulp goes through or not.

Divide strawberries and sugar between two glasses. Add half the sugar and, with a muddler, start crushing the fruit with the sugar, until it becomes syrupy. Do this slowly and take your time. It's the base of the drink.
Add ice to almost fill the glass, and then pour half of the passion fruit juice into on top of the ice.
Add about 2 oz. vodka to each glass.
Stir until it mixes well, decorate with a strawberry half and serve.

** You can use simple syrup instead of the sugar. To make it simply heat the same amount of sugar and water (1/2 a cup of each for example), and when it comes to a boil remove it from the heat. Let cool completely and keep refrigerated. 

Before adding the cachaça

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  1. juicy juicy! looks amazing paula, and i too love that acidy tang of the juice left on the cuttingboard or counter, as you say. i am going to plant a passionfruit vine this year, for its gorgeous flowers as well as the unique fruit. cheers, paula!

  2. LOL Paula. A drink in hand especially one with lovely strawberries and passion fruit would make most any task easier...Seriously tho' I'm always impressed by how much of an aficionado you are in matters of food and drink. Cheers to a happy Sunday!

  3. And I have 2 bottles of cachaca in my liquor cabinet. Step aside lime wedges because strawberry and passion fruit are going into the glass. Love it Paula!

  4. Damn, that looks goooooood! Now I want to set up a bar party... for one! :-D

  5. This is like warm summer sunshine in a glass, Paula...I know I'd find them far too easy to drink! We have set up impromptu bars at a few parties, but I want to do one with purpose - perfect for summertime! Now, if only I could find some cachaça, I have had the hardest time locating any locally...

  6. This sounds so refreshing! I have never had a passion fruit before, and now I feel I ought to go right out to the market and get one! And commenting on blogs when a bit tipsy? You can always blame anything on autocorrect! :) Don't you love cocktails on the weekends? Ours, this weekend, were mint juleps! ~ David

  7. I love passion fruit juice so I know I'll dig this cocktail. Looks super refreshing Paula!

  8. What an absolutely beautiful drink, so summery and sunset coloured :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Cocktails with fresh fruit are the best! I have never tried any with passion fruit but your description has me ready to run to the store in search of the proper ingredients!

  10. hey Paula!
    Strawberry and passion fruit caipirinha sounds just fine to me! :P When it comes to cocktails, I actually have no idea what I'm doing. . I usually just go for the wine . . or now I can make a sangria. . but that's about it!
    I'm loving all these drinks you are posting and hey, would love to join you in your boozy weekends! I also loved the cherry caipiroska as well! Very impressive and looks great!! and I wish I could set-up an informal bar at a party but again, I wouldn't have the first idea what to do! I would have to study many many recipes like this one! :)

  11. What a fabulous drink. I must try it! Thanks for the introduction to it.

  12. I love the aroma and taste of passionfruit. Your caipirinha looks so refreshing!

  13. This looks so beautiful and summery!

  14. wow your passion fruit is so orange like. What does it look like from outside? We have yellow once growing here and sometimes we get to buy the less sour orange skinned passion fruit but they are never that orange inside. Ahh yeah a bar can be fun, but it can also be very stressful. Whatever you call your gorgeous cocktail, I want it now!

  15. This caipirinha looks so beautiful & refreshing! It makes me thirsty just looking at it! :) I wish it was summer again, and that we're off by the beach somewhere in Brazil instead of having winter in Argentina! At least my mum and sis are here, so they make up for the cold, nasty weather!

    un beso!!

  16. Love passion fruit and this looks perfect for tonight's sipping.

  17. Mmm, I love caipirinha's!! There's a cuban place in the city where I grew up and I always get that drink when I go there. Love your twist, looks absolutely delicious!

  18. Wow that looks so good - I love love love passionfruit

  19. Lol I think life in general is better with a drink nearby. All the better if it's one of your incredible strawberry and passion fruit caipirinhas! What I wouldn't give to fly down to Buenos Aires, sit with you in the sun, drink a whole pitcher of this and chat about life. That'd be absolutely perfect! And you're not crazy with how you feel about passionfruit. I feel that way about a lot of food (hmmm...that probably just means I'm obsessed with food).


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